Antidepressants may help, but they are expensive and have side effects. Many people are turning to natural substances such as garum extract, a substance derived from a deep sea fish--for relief of symptoms of anxiety and stress. Garum extract is believed to work by increasing endorphins and regulating the body to help it adapt to stressful situations. Look for garum extract in vitamin and natural foods retailers, herbal stores, and even large pharmacies. Check labels to make sure that what you are buying is genuine garum extract derived from the garum armoricum fish. You can also purchase garum extract--sold under the trade name Adapton--online.

Take four capsules of garum extract on an empty stomach in the morning for 15 consecutive days.

Reduce the dosage to two capsules taken in the morning on an empty stomach on the 16th day.

Discontinue taking garum extract if you obtain relief from your symptoms; resume taking it if symptoms return. Alternately, you can continue to take garum extract if desired. According to the Sound Mind website, it is safe to continue taking garum extract at the rate of two capsules daily, but it is not usually necessary to take it daily; a dosage of two or three capsules every other day is effective for many people. You may want to experiment until you find the most successful dosage for you.

Keep appointments with your physician so that he can monitor your response to the garum extract.

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