Sunrise sent Simon Reeve to North Queensland to report on the possible cancer-curing properties of a rainforest chemical.

The story was folllowed up by Doctor John D'Arcy who appeared on SUnrise today to recount his adventure discovering more on the mysterious chemical EBC-46.

After Simon's report went to air, testing began was showing promise in treating tumours in animals.

Now, EBC-46 - found in the blushwood tree seed - will take 5-7 years to develop for use in humans.

According to Doctor D'Arcy, EBC-46 reinvigorates white blood cells in a tumour, so they can regain control and defeat it.

What does the future hold?

The early tests have shown significant reduction in animal tumours and as a result the drug will soon be on sale at your local vet (for animal use only).

Find out more about the drug EBC-46 and its treatment of cancer: