It’s easy to say and, for many, incredibly hard to do. Relax. Loosen up. Don’t worry so much. The best health advice. Anxiety is a very real presence in the lives of a lot of people. But in one segment of people — cancer patients — it could be doing an even greater world of harm. For them, it is a must that anxiety be dealt with. Because their lives might be at stake. 

A new piece of health news has found that cancer can be accelerated by a body prone to worrying and anxiety. Stanford University researchers discovered, in mice, that anxiety led to more severe cancer than in those that remained calm. 

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Hairless mice were dosed with ultraviolet (UV) rays and the nervous ones developed more tumors and more invasive cancer. Consistent anxiety also came hand-in-hand with chronic stress and a dampened immune system. Though stress is well-documented to cause disease, this is the first study to connect the personality trait of high anxiety to greater cancer threats. 

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