The Holy Grail of blood sugar balancers 
has been sitting under our noses 

It's a medicinal mushroom called Agaricus blazei. And for centuries, it's been used for just abouteverything else -- stress relief...immune boosting...supporting healthy cholesterol levels.

But in hundreds of years no one ever tested its effects on blood sugar!  Researchers found that the mushroom actuallyboosted adiponectin levels. More adiponectin means your body can stop working overtime... because it can clear sugar from your blood quickly and efficiently -- just the way it's supposed to.

And that means you'll...

  • Have plenty of energy to get through the day -- without feeling like you're running on fumes
  • Be able to ENJOY your food -- without guilt and without worrying
  • Shake those nasty mood swings that always happen at the worst possible time
  • Finally have complete blood sugar control!

And right now there's only ONE formula that combines adiponectin-boosting Agaricus with the other clinically proven standouts in supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

That's why I'm truly delighted to be able to introduce you to Gluco-Sure. And, boy, does it live up to its name...With Gluco-Sure you can be sure your body has everything it needs for ultimate blood sugar support.

But as revolutionary as the discovery of adiponectin is...and as essential as Agaricus is as the ONLY thing that can help keep your adiponectin where it needs to be...The fact is, I'd be hard-pressed to recommend any blood sugar support formula that didn't contain biotin and chromium.