The natural 'alternative' to 'modern' medicine is a diet of medicinal gourmet foods from mineral-rich areas such as rain-forests and other unpolluted areas of Planet Earth.  Provision is made for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.  We must creatively address our needs- and those of the planet- without compromising real quality to meet superficial goals, such as monetary 'profit'... I am an aspiring entrepreneur who enjoys the studies of natural medicine and dietary supplements, quantum mechanics/physics, all forms of yoga, all true spiritual quests; visionary art, music and dance. My current mall consists of shops which I affiliate with, for promotional purposes.  Real Provision is intended to be the finest virtual mall and healing diet featuring the most rare, exotic gourmet rain-forest healing food products in the known world.  Many self-help programs and items will be available, such as soft-wares and mental medicine.  Real Provision promises a full line of proprietary formulas, by Real provision; including ingredients from volcanic areas, where the food is yet replete with minerals.  You may now access the finest natural sweeteners, supplements and "new paradigm" medicines the planet has to offer.  We will begin with special emphasis on a comprehensive cancer~preventive protocol.  Mental medicine will be addressed, as well as the most therapeutic anti-viral and immune-building substances and formulas; most of these created by doctors.  Real Provision has begun a few grass-roots affiliate malls designed, at every stage, with consumer advocacy in mind, rather than maximization of profit.